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This traditional party-game reguires at least eight participants. It asks pokerface, logic and dialectic skills from players.

Players: 8-20
Time: 30 min
Level: challenging


Roles: 1x narrator, 2x mafia, 1x detective, 1x doctor, 1x madman (if there is more than 10 players)

Start: One players will be selected as a narrator. Narrator asks other players to close their eyes and picks randomly two mafia players, one detective, one doctor and one madman. Madman should only be selected if there is more than 10 players. Other players, that doesn't have certain roles, are automatically civilians.

Rules: When roles have been assigned, the game proceeds through a series of "Night" and "Day" phases, starting with Night. The game continues until one side triumphs over the other; if all Mafia members are killed, then the Civilians win the game, but if the Civilians become outnumbered by the Mafia, then the Mafia win. The Narrator tells everyone to close their eyes ("It is now nighttime and everyone in the city is asleep..."). After this the narrator goes throught these four (or three) steps:

1. Narrator asks the mafia players to open their eyes and acknowledge their fellow members. They agree to kill off one of the other players by silently gesturing to indicate their target and to show unanimity. Then the Narrator instructs the mafia members to "sleep", by closing their eyes again.
2. The madman is asked to pick his victim.
3. Next, the Detective is asked to open his or her eyes and point at a suspect; if that player is mafia-sided, the narrator nods. Madman is also counted as a civil. Then the Narrator instructs the Detective to sleep.
4. Next the Doctor opens his or her eyes and points at someone. If that person is the victim of mafia or madman, he or she doesn't die at the end of the night. Doctor can also seve himself. After that doctor goes back to sleep and the night phase is over.

The Narrator tells everyone to wake up. Unless the doctor selected same target with the Mafia or with madman a dead is announced. This player is "dead" and may no longer participate in the game in any way. During the daytime phase, the players deliberate over which suspected Mafia member they wish to nominate for lynching. Once nomination is made, the narrator administers an election, and if the between the nominees, in which all players vote – whoever receives the most votes is lynched; they are dead, and may no longer participate in the game in any way. The role of the lynched player, whether mafia or citizen, is not revealed unless it were to result in ending the game. Because players have less information and more freedom to deliberate during the day, the day phase tends to be longer than the night phase. The day phase either has a set time limit, or continues until a lynching has been performed.

Winning the game: Either mafia or civilians will win the game. Mafia will win the game if they manage to outnumber civilians by killing enough. If all Mafia members are killed, then the Civilians win the game. Madman wins if he is alive at the end of the game no matter who the rest of the game goes.


Who am I?


Fun party game for smaller group. Good memory and clear strategy helps in this game.

Players: 3-8
Time: 15 min
Level: easy

Who am I?

Tools: pen, small piece of pares (x amount fo players).

Starting the game: Each player writes down to the paper an character or person that everyone knows. After that person in the left side nails the paper in his or her forehead (without looking) so that all the others can see the name.

Rules: Youngest person starts to find out his or identity by asking a questin that can be answered yes or no. If the answer is yes, the player can ask another question as long as the answer is no. If that happens, the next player will continue.

Winning: The one who first figure out the character from the paper will be winner.


High tower

Korkea torni

Tähän seurapeliin on hyvä olla kaksi tai useampia joukkueita ja hieman alkuvalmistelu.

Players: 4+
Time: 18 min
Level: challenging

High tower

Apuvälineet: mitta ja kello sekä 20 spagettia, vaahtokarkki, sakset, 1 metri teippiä ja 1 metri narua per joukkue.

Pelin aloittaminen: Jokainen joukkue kerää aluksi kaikki tarvittavat välineet itselleen eli yhden vaahtokarkin, metrin teippiä ja narua, sakset sekä 20 spagettia.

Pelin kulku: Joukkueilla on 18 minuuttia aikaa rakentaa tasaiselle alustalle spagettia, narua ja teippiä hyväksikäyttäen rakennelma, jolla he saavat vaahtokarkin mahdollisimman korkealle maan (tai pöydän yms.) pinnasta. Rakennelman tulee pysyä pystyssä mittauksen ajan, kun aika on päättynyt.

Pelin voittaminen: Joukkue, jonka vaahtokarkki on kaikkein korkeammalla, on voittaja. Yli 30 senttiä on jo hyvä tulos.


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